Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Game Day" Blog Tour

More fun fabric by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs!  I was so happy that Lori invited me to play on the Game Day tour as well as last week's Happy Day!  I immediately knew what I needed to make for some of my favorite Little Rascals!

Throw Me A Curve (Sports Throw)  PATTERN by Deonn Stott
featuring Game Day by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs
Spanky, Alfalfa and Buckwheat?  No, it's Gage, Keagan and Cache.  Three of my little nephews at the family farm 5 or 6 years ago.  "Whatcha doin'?"  "Nuthin'".  They were sneaking Grandpa's bat out of the old cellar to go and play a little ball.  Little Rascals, indeed.  

Now they're all on teams playing basketball, baseball, even football!  This Pack-Along Sports Throw is my favorite quilt for game watching, what ever the sport!  

"Game Day" Sports Throw by Deonn Stott, 59" x 59" Pack-Along Lap Quilt
These giant blocks go together so fast, it took waaayyy more time to lay it out and decide on the design than it did to make all the blocks!  Believe it or not, this quilt uses all the same blocks as my original layout above.  This one's a bit out of my comfort zone, but this wacky layout is what the first kid wanted.  Plus, Cuddle plush fur on the back for those chilly game nights, of course.  Love that minky!   It's 60" wide, so that helped to determine the size of the quilt too.  

For the quilting design, I tried out a little football/basketball combo (bballs & fballs by Kim Diamond).  I love it.  And even if it's not very cold outside, the quilt can also be used as a picnic quilt or a stadium cushion. See the tutorial to turn a quilt into a Pack-Along HERE.

 Also, that stripe!

I love that Lori's prints come in three different colorways.  Big thanks to Lori Whitlock, and the folks at Riley Blake Designs for supplying the fabrics for this project!  It's so fun to have selections of some great "boy fabric"!!  Here's a little instagram slideshow of the line from one of my favorite shops, Quilted Works.

And, finally, I love those darling not-so-little-any-more nephews of mine.  Where does all the time go?

 Be sure to visit these gals for more fun inspiration.  Here's the Schedule:

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh, Happy Day!

So happy to be kicking off a "Happy Day" Blog Tour today!

for Riley Blake Designs

OK, I think this line is adorable!  Butterflies, happy flowers, kites, sunshine, and happy thoughts.

 And, tulips!  I love tulips!

Happy Tulips quilt by Deonn Stott, 48" x 62"
featuring Happy Day fabric by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs
This was a fun little quilt to make; super-easy, super quick with super-sized tulips plus three of my favorite little quick tricks:

1)  Instant Blocks ~ Did you know you can make 8 HST units at the same time?!
Layer two squares right sides together,
Draw diagonal lines in an X from point to point,
Stitch 1/4-inch from the drawn lines on both sides,

Cut in half, then half again (+), then cut on the drawn diagonal lines (x).  Yield:  8 HSTs.

To calculate the size squares to cut, use this formula:
(Finished size + 1") x 2 
This formula gives me a little "fudge factor", and I trim the units to size.

2)  Quick  Corner Triangles ~  A "Stitch & Flip" technique without marking.

Align a piece of painter's tape centered with the needle, and stitch from point to point.  Just keep your eye on the bottom point as it follows the tape line.  Here's a quick demo:

Trim seam allowance and press to the outside.  Bonus Blocks:  Make another line of stitches 1/2 inch from the first line, and cut in between to give you some extra little half square triangle units for your next project!

3)  Chain Piece ~  Whenever possible, slide the next unit under the presser foot and continue sewing.  Clip threads between units as you take them to press.  Saves time and thread!  

For the quilting, I took a clue from the fabric itself and quilted the background with butterflies and swirls, then outlined the tulips and added some detail in the petals and leaves.

And to finish it up, machine binding in Happy Dots.  Sweet!


I've been wanting to make a tulip quilt ever since walking through Amsterdam's flower market last summer.  Too late in the season to see the tulip fields, we brought home bulbs and hoped for the best. Aaaand, then I forgot to actually plant them!

So, I've just been enjoying other people's tulips.  Around these parts, Spring and Winter duke it out on a daily basis.  

No automatic alt text available.

But finally, Spring has been victorious!  And for some reason, the flowers seem exceptionally beautiful and vibrant this year.

And now, I can enjoy my tulips all year long.!  Happy Day, Happy Tulips, Happy Spring!  
Tune in each week for the next month or so for some fun project ideas with this happy fabric!
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Thursday, April 27th  Lori Whitlock
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Quilting Jetgirl Tutorial Tuesday

Friday, April 14, 2017

Aunt M Quilt Chronicles - Chapter IV

You may recall that my sweet little 85-year-old Aunt began a quest last year to make quilts for her nine granddaughters!  With six down and three to go, the story continues.

On one of our weekly sewing days last Fall, Aunt Marjory came in with a wry little smile and said, "Oh, you're going to hate me."  What? Why?  Well, turns out she had Uncle Jack drive her to a local quilt shop a couple of times where she had become friends with the shop ladies.  She loves seeing all the fabrics and colors.  She had spied a nice outdoorsy panel quilt on the wall on a prior visit, and her new friend, Carol, got Aunt Marjory all set up with four "Bear Meadow" kits to make quilts for her four sons!

Then (and you've probably had this happen to you, too) a beautiful stack of fat quarters with sunflower prints simply leapt into her arms, and since she's got three daughters, well, of course they'll each need a new quilt too.  And, while she was at it, she thought Uncle Jack would love to have his very own quilt as well!   Sure enough, here came Uncle Jack with 6 big sacks full of fabric, plus a laundry basket full of old Levis to cut up and make a quilt for himself.  I just had to laugh.  I think she's hooked.  I love it!

Time to get busy!  We talked about all the ways to make a quilt from the fat quarters, and she thought it would be good if we started with squares.  She said, "I'm kind of a square person."  Over the next few weeks we cut out blocks to make a couple of "Turning Twenty" quilts.

Uncle Jack used my rotary ruler with the blade enclosed so I didn't have to worry about blade safety.  Once the blocks were cut out, the real fun was laying out the quilt blocks, arranging, re-arranging, then arranging again to get a pleasing balance of color and design.

I pinned and pressed, and Aunt Marjory stitched together all the blocks for the first Turning 20 quilt.

Uncle Jack, as the designated cutter-outer, began to cut apart all of his old Levis, removing the seams, then used the AccuQuilt cutter to die-cut 6-1/2" squares for his quilt.

Every once in a while they'd bring others with them to come and quilt on our sew days.  Once Aunt Marjory brought her quilting friend, Aljean, who helped to pin and press, and we talked "quilt" all afternoon.  Another time, they enlisted their daughter Joan to come.  While I was working on the longarm, quilting the last Elephant quilt, Joan laid out the denim quilt and sewed the rows together while Aunt Marjory pressed.  Just spreading the addiction joy!

Winter was just getting started when Aunt Marjory fell and broke her hip!  That brought our weekly sewing days to a halt, and put her in the hospital.  I finished the Levi quilt and dropped it off so she could give it to Uncle Jack for Christmas.

Quilt #7 - Uncle Jack's Denim Throw
I quilted their last name "Wilcock" into the quilt, starting with the "W" on the pocket.  That looks like a "W", right?

Then I had to add a teensy little owl at the bottom for Aunt M's "Owl always love you" signature.

And check out this "Open Range" Cuddle plush fur on the back.  Perfect for a cowboy from Wyoming.  By the way, Uncle Jack loves his quilt!

Aunt Marjory's surgery and rehabilitation certainly put a dent in her quiltmaking schedule, along with the fact that Uncle Jack no longer is able to drive.  But she continues to have a happy attitude as always and has drawn out a couple of new ideas for quilts, and wants to try making a Celtic "Céad Míle Fáilte" ("100,000 Welcomes") quilted banner.

But first, we'll get those kits sewn up for her boys and maybe collect more fat quarters for another Turning Twenty quilt for another daughter.  And now, one of the granddaughters has decided she wants a wolf on her quilt ("Howl" always love you, maybe?)  And what about quilts for the grandsons?  and great-grands...??  Aunt Marjory has decided that she'll need to live to be at least 100 so she can make all the quilts she wants for her big family.

Stay tuned for more Aunt Marjory Quilt Chronicles!'
Chapter 1 - Owl Always Love You
Chapter 2 - Bear in Mind, Owl Always Love You
Chapter 3 - Remember, Owl Always Love You

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Pack-Along Interactive Quilt

This little pack-along quilt was made for interactive play!

Kid-Tested, too!  It kept this sweet little three-year-old entertained, even before the binding was stitched down!

The flap is actually a pocket to store all the pieces.

Here's how to make a pocket/flap for a small pack-along quilt:

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